Adventurer Peanut Feeder
CJ Wildlife Adventurer Peanut Feeder

Adventurer Peanut Feeder

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Sorry this item is out of stock

The new Adventurer peanut feeder is made from stylish grey graphite metal, making it an attractive addition to your garden! 

The Adventurer has metal mesh holes to allow suitbale feeding for the birds. The metal will withstand any squirrel damage but still allow them to eat from the feeder. It also has a wide capacity so you can get just shy of 1 kilo of peanuts inside, and with a canopy which protects some of the the feed. 

It also has a screw thread in the base of it, making it compatible with many CJ trays to catch any excess feed which may drop on the floor! 


Capacity: 625g

Height: 33cm

Diameter: 8.5cm

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