Apollo Peanut Feeder
CJ Wildlife Apollo Peanut Feeder

Apollo Peanut Feeder

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About This Feeder

This strong and resilient peanut feeder for birds is an excellent choice for any bird feed enthusiast. It is made from high quality metal for the lid, base and ports, then features a strong wire mesh to allow for easy feeding. Refilling this feeder is simpler than ever thanks to its unique ‘Click & Go’ system. This mechanism means the lid is completely detachable so you can fill with ease and keep it clean, maximising its lifespan.

The small robust handle means that it can hang securely preventing this seed feeder from being blown off a feeding station or dislodged by squirrels, a feeder hook or a easy hanger can be used to allow positioning in a huge range of places.


2 Port - (H) 34cm X (D) 1cm




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