Butterfly Box
Brinvale Butterfly Box

Butterfly Box

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Made from FSC approved wood, this butterfly box is perfect for providing a warm shelter for butterflies and moths in cold damp weather.

The box opens easily at the side with a hinged door on a latch to provide easy access for placing twigs and other things inside for butterflies to hang on to. The four elongated openings in the front of the box provide easy access for butterflies and moths as well as providing a good view of any inhabitants that the box may have.

The front of the box sports an attractive butterfly engraving along with the word “Lepidoptera” which is the name given to the group of insects that includes moths and butterflies.

The box can be hung up easily from a hook or screw by using the hanging slot on the back.

Dimensions: 23cm (9.25”) x 16cm (6.5”) x 12cm (4.75”)

Product code WA39