Droll Yankee Rain Guard
Jacobi Jayne Droll Yankee Rain Guard

Droll Yankee Rain Guard

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Providing bird food in the garden all year round has its challenges, and during autumn and winter wet weather can be a real problem.

No one wants to have to throw their bird seed away due to it becoming damp, unappetising and potentially mouldy; this rain guard helps to prevent this from happening.

Ideal for using on feeders with a tube diameter of 6.3cm (2.5”) or less, this rain guard will only work on a feeder on which you can remove the ports, lid and/or base.

The metal hoop that comes with this rain guard allows for placing the guard at a desired height on any feeder. The Droll Yankee Rain Guard is ideal for use with Ring Pull and Lifetime Range of feeders.

Dimensions: Diameter 25cm (10") Height 15cm (6")


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