Flying Power Mix 2.5kg
Brinvale Flying Power Mix 2.5kg

Flying Power Mix 2.5kg

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During July and August there are many wild birds competing for food, with a lot of juveniles still finding their feet. Searching for food requires good mobility, and good mobility requires strong wings.

Our Flying Power Mix is packed full of high protein foods such as sunflower heart chips and suet pellets. These foods help to provide garden birds with all the energy and strength they need to fly from place to place throughout the summer heat.

Providing water in your garden over the summer months is also essential to the well-being of your garden birds.

This limited edition mix is only available in 2.5kg packs, and is only available for a limited time.

Our Flying Power Mix contains: Sunflower Heart Chips, Peanut Grains, Canary Seed, Suet Pellets, Sunflower Hearts, Pinhead Oatmeal and Red Millet.