Montrose Seed Feeder
Supa Montrose Seed Feeder
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Montrose Seed Feeder



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Sorry this item is out of stock

This novelty bird feeder allows for several birds to feed at the same time whilst adding character and colour to your garden.  It's shed-like shape has four large spacious perches from which Wild Birds can eat comfortably. The sturdy metal this bird seed feeder is made from makes it robust whilst it's charming design is likely to make it stand out.  The overhanging roof easily lifts to allow for refilling and will protect food from rainfall, each side has an opening at the base which allows the seed to flow into the trough at the base of the feeder allowing birds to access the seed, as they eat it will automatically allow more seed through ensuring the birds have access to fresh seed all of the time.  The trough has small holes at each corner to allow for efficient drainage during wet weather.  These novelty bird feeders also have a very strong hanger made from plastic coated steel wire to ensure it will not rust and break, the base can also be released by removing one screw for thorough cleaning.  The design of this bird seed feeder will ensure that large birds such as pigeons and rooks will not be able to use it and will therefore allow for small garden birds to enjoy uninterupted feeding.

Available in two colours Red & Silver, Green & Silver

Overall Dimensions:

19.5CM  x 19.5 cm x 19.5cm 

Seed capacity dimensions:

8cm x 8cm x 18cm

Product code 983

  • All Metal Contruction
  • Deters larger birds
  • Keeps the bulk of the food dry
  • Large perching and feeding area

FREE DELIVERY - When purchased with over 10kg of Wild Bird Food