Suet Pellet and Mealworm Feeder Guardian
Brinvale Suet Pellet and Mealworm Feeder Guardian

Suet Pellet and Mealworm Feeder Guardian

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About This Feeder

This high quality caged suet pellet and mealworm feeder is a highly effective way to feed suet pellets and mealworms to birds alone, and ensure squirrels and other garden pest stay away. It is made from a lightweight but strong, powder-coated metal meaning it is robust and hardwearing and will have a lengthy lifespan.

It features a large feeding bowl which is situated in the centre of the cage, which makes it almost impossible for pests and other large birds to gain access to the feed.  It has a strong, long and curved metal handle so it can be hung in a variety of places and can also be used free standing.

The cage design means that there are no hard to get at places, meaning it should stay clean and when it comes to give it a spruce up, you can do so with no hassle. Extra cleaning and refilling is easy as the base is completely removable and can be detached by a simple turning lever on the base.


14’’ (36cm) x 12’’ (36cm) x 12’’ (36cm)



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