Three Way Feeding Station
Jacobi Jayne Three Way Feeding Station
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Three Way Feeding Station

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Customising your Wild Bird Feeding area is a great way to locate your feeders in easy reach for re-filling and allowing you to locate your feeders in a safe part of your garden, the location can easily be moved regularly to reduce a build up of dropped seed which can become stale and unpleasant. This bird feeding station offers 3 separate positions in which to provide food from bird feeders. The two metal arm hooks can be used in conjunction with most hanging feeders and they both sport specially designed loops which prevent feeders from falling off the station due to adverse weather conditions, the wrap around attachment allows them to be positioned at any height.

The main pole of this station comes in durable painted steel is strong and robust and complete with a threaded top, this allows for the placement of a feeder at the top of the pole, as long as it has a thread in the base.

Dimensions:  Approximate Height 6ft or 183” (472cm) and a circumference of 8cm

Or add the Extension Pole for a total height of 8 feet or 244” (619cm) 


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