Ultimate Starter Pack
Brinvale Ultimate Starter Pack

Ultimate Starter Pack

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*Please note that currently we are out of stock of Classic Suet Balls, So they will be replaced with our Deluxe Balls.Are you ready to fill your garden with tasty food for birds of all kinds? Well, look no further than our Ultimate Starter Bird Food Bundle!

As Sunflower hearts have the highest energy content per weight of any of the popular bird foods, this is loved by many, and with the husk removed it will create less mess in your garden.

The Jumbo Peanuts are sweet, plump and soft and great for a bird's nutrition. Having these Aflatoxin tested peanuts will attract a wide variety of bird including the Great Spotted Woodpecker as we have seen here on our farm.

13kg Sunflower Hearts
5kg Jumbo Peanuts
50 Deluxe Suet Balls