Great Spotted Woodpecker


A medium sized woodpecker about the size of a Starling, living mainly in woodlands, however over recent years it has become a frequent visitor to garden bird feeders.

The Great Spotted Woodpecker is easily identified with it’s distinct markings of black and white, with a bright red patch under the tail. Adult males have a red patch on the nape and juveniles can be easily identified as they have a bright red crown until their first moult.

They also have shock absorbing tissue between the base of the bill and the skull to cushion the impact of drumming. An unpaired male can drum upto 600 times a day, whilst a paired male drums 200 times. 

They nest in old trees by excavating a hole with their strong beaks, and do not return to the same nest each year.

Feeding Habits

Their diet consists mainly of insects found under the bark of trees and wood, seeds from trees and will also eat other birds eggs, however they are very partial to Peanuts and Suet placed out Gardens.

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