Little Lantern Seed Feeder

The Little Lantern feeder is the perfect feeder for your smaller garden birds like the finches, sparrows and tits. Ideal for these clinging birds, this feeder is easy to take apart, by twisting off the top for a very easy refill, and a twist on the bttom making it an easy clean feeder to! 







The Little Lantern will also deter away the larger birds such as blackbirds, pigeons, jays, starlings and also maybe the odd squirrel due to the angle of the feeder making it difficult for any large animals to stick around for long. 


The feeder can be used with many seeds including our Sunflower Hearts which go down a treat with finches and tits, the All Season mix, Supreme mux and also the Anniversary mix. With the little lip of the base, this will hopefully stop any wasted seeds from spilling onto the floor.


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