Why Feed From a Bird Table?

Why Feed From A Bird Table?


There are multiple choices of bird tables on the market to choose from. These include your traditional style upright garden bird tables, your ground bird tables and also your hanging bird tables. 


If it is possible your bird table should be made from FSC certified timber either with or without a roof and make sure that all the edges are as smooth as they can be, as this can be a danger to the birds. Be sure that the wooden tray itself has got drainage holes so that water does not get clogged up among the seed. Wooden ground trays are a great way of feeding garden birds which can eat from below such as the gold and green finches, sparrows and wagtails. A wooden tray with drainage holes to prevent build up or even with a very fine mesh base is perfect for the typical British wet weather.



Always make sure that your bird table is clean and free of food build up as old food will go mouldy which could cause diseases to your birds. Tables should be cleaned regularly which is easily done with a table scraper and / or the Safe 4 Disinfectant range. Always wear gloves when cleaning the tables to avoid contact with old food just in case there are any built up diseases. Try to remember to move the bird table around your garden so that there does not become a build up of droppings.


What Can I Put On The Bird Table?

The possibilities are endless! If you have a wooden base on your table, whether thats a ground, hanging or the traditional garden bird table, you can put whatever you like on it. Remember that if the bird table is new, try to put seed on there that the birds are used to as it may take them a while to adjust to a new feeder. If you have a wire meshed bottom tray, make sure you have no small seeds in the mix as these may fall through the base depending on their size, causing the seed to grow.




Remember that over the years the bird table will start to age, which means that there may be signs of cracks in the wood and it may become harder to clean. 



Here at Brinvale we stock a range of different bird tables, ground trays and hanging bird feeders. 



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