What Birds Will I See In My Garden?

What Birds Will I See In My Garden?

Feeding wild birds has become more and more popular over the years, encouraging more rarely seen birds back into our gardens! The 5 more common garden birds that you will see in your garden are the Goldfinches, the Robins, Great Tits, Blue Tits and the Wood Pigeons. 


The Goldfinch

The goldfinch is a small colourful bird, which has striking red patches around the eyes, with a brown/white breast and black and yellow wings. They also have white cheeks and a brown body. These little birds will happily sit on a feeder, or even on a ground tray, as they will try and source any dropped seed on the ground. They can be seen in large flocks, but also in pairs in your garden. Goldfinches will eat most seeds but their favourite seeds are Niger Seed and Sunflower Hearts



The Robin

The robin is the most popular UK bird. The red bresat of the robin makes it a very recognisable little bird. The juvenilles do not have the red breast, but have brown upper parts and the breast is speckled with dark brown spots. During the late summer the red will start to appear. Robins favourite food is mealworms. Our Robin Songbird Mix is perfect for these little birds. With a mixture of suet pellets, dried mealworms, peanut grains, sunflower hearts, red millet, raisins, cut wheat and also pinhead oatmeal. This mix gives the robins all the correct nutrition and energy they need. 



The Great Tit

The largest of the Tit family, these birds have a distinctive black cap, throat, neck and a bright yellow breast. Their wings are tinted olive, with a blue tail and a white stripe across the wings. The great tits favourite food is the Sunflower Hearts, with some consuming 44% of their body weight over the winter months. They will also eat Mealworms , most Seed Mixes and also Peanuts. They are quite happy to eat from a hanging feeder, or they will feast on caterpillars, spiders, seeds and berries and even forage for food under the feeder in hope of some having been dropped. Suet Pellets are also a great source of energy for birds, along with a great nutrional diet to. 





The Blue Tit

Similar to the great tits, these birds also have a yellow breast with olive and blue wings and a blue tail. The blue tits however have a got a blue cap, and black eyestripes and have a black ring around the neck with white cheeks. There are around 2.5 million which have been ringed in Britain and Ireland, as the numbers have increased in recent years. The blue tits love mealworms, especially when it comes to fledgling season. They will also eat many other seed mixes, along with Sunflower Hearts and Peanuts just like the great tit do. Blue tits also love our Suet Balls, so much so we have to refill them every other day here on the farm!


 The Wood Pigeon

The wood pigeon is one of the most common birds you will see in the UK and are often known as pests. The pigeons are mainly grey with a tint of purple on their chest and white marks on their wings. They will try to hang off the feeders and will swing them causing seed to fall out onto the floor. Although this seed isnt exactly ideal for pigeons, it wont do them much, if any harm. We would reccomend feeding them Pigeon Conditioner or Pigeon Food - Strike. These mixes offer high energy to the pigeons and also a well balanced diet. 



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