The Squirrel Buster Collection


In this blog we talk about the differences in the Squirrel Buster range and which feeder will be the best choice for you and your garden birds in order to stop squirrels eating your food.


The Squirrel Buster Collection

Birds can feed easily. Squirrels can’t.

Our Squirrel buster range of feeders are 100% squirrel proof and totally humane which means your precious bird seed is reserved for our feathered friends only - much to the dismay of cheeky squirrels.

All the Squirrel busters work on a weighted tubing system that instantly blocks off access to the ports when weighted down by squirrels or other large birds. They all feature a negative grip tube at the top of the feeder which prevents squirrels from hanging onto the wire hanger only with their hind legs and hanging alongside the feeder without weighting it down – defeating the closing mechanism. So rest assured - your bird seed is safe every time

We have a range of squirrel busters available to meet every need and budget. We have summarised each feeder below so if you’re interested in learning more about the squirrel buster feeder range carry on reading!

The Squirrel Buster Mini

The cheapest and smallest of the squirrel buster family. This feeder has 4 ports and holds 0.6L of seed which is great for sunflowers hearts and/or our mixes. This also comes with a lifetime guarantee.


The Squirrel Buster 1057

This feeder has an adjustable spring mechanism which enables you to control how much weight is allowed before the ports close off. This means your seed can be safe from pigeons and larger birds too. 4 ports available for the birds and comes with a lifetime guarantee. This feeder can hold 0.75L of seed.


The Squirrel Buster Peanut

Perfect for keeping your nuts safe from squirrels! This is a tough chew proof feeder that certainly drives the squirrels nuts! This feeder can also be adjusted to bar large birds too. Can hold 0.75L of peanuts, comes with a lifetime guarantee.

This feeder is also woodpecker friendly. It is designed with a large tail prop which allows woodpeckers to feed comfortably, suing their tails for balance similar to like they do on trees.


The Squirrel Buster Classic

This is the original squirrel buster it can hold a great 1.4L of seed which means you only need to fill up once every now and then to keep your feathered friends happy. Also comes with a lifetime guarantee.


The Squirrel Buster Finch

This finch friendly buster has specially sized ports great for holding 1.4L of niger seed only. Comes with a lifetime guarantee.


The Squirrel Buster Plus

This is the largest of the Squirrel busters and holds a whopping 3L of seed. Fill this up and sit back and watch the birds feast. Comes with perches on a ring to allow multiple feeders at a time. These perches can also be adjusted to be made shorter to allow smaller birds to feed only.


The Squirrel Buster Suet

This is a fairly new feeder to the group and made perfectly for suet blocks. The tough outer steel cage protects two standard suet blocks. Comes with a lifetime guarantee.


The Squirrel Buster Evolution

Also a new feeder to the Buster family this has been created with style in mind. It has a 1.2L capacity for seed and is guaranteed for life. The no mesh style will look great in all gardens alike.


We’re confident that all buyers of a trusty squirrel buster will certainly not be disappointed. If you have any further questions about the Squirrel Buster range please email us at or give the office a call on 01664 823 320


However, if you do wish to feed your squirrel garden visitors we do sell squirrel food and also special squirrel feeders 😊 This can be found under the Wildlife tab and then ‘Squirrels’ in the drop down menu.

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