Blackbird Nest Box
CJ Wildlife Blackbird Nest Box
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Blackbird Nest Box

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This is a quality option for those looking to provide a nest box for blackbirds. With its long, deep body and apex shaped roof for shelter this nest box has been designed to accurately create the ideal nesting space for blackbirds, taking inspiration from their own nests. Being an open fronted nest box you may find that more than just blackbirds will choose to nest here. Other birds such as robins, wrens, song thrushes and spotted flycatchers might also take up residence in this stylish nest box. 

Another benefit to this nest box and its open fronted design is that it is easy to clean once either a blackbird (or any other bird) has finished nesting in it. 

For any tips or tricks on nesting your box visit our blog

The blackbird nest box has been made using wood sourced from FSC approved forrests meaning that it has come from a sustainable source and is therefore environmentally and ethically grown and sourced. The wood has also been slowly dried making it last longer reducing the need to varnish or chemically treat yourself. 

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