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What are Live Mealworms

What are Live Mealworms for birds?
Mealworms are the larvae of the Tenbrio Molitar Beetle, rich in protein they can be provided as an excellent wild bird food, particularly for fledglings as they also provide the moisture required for young wild birds.

Here at Brinvale we offer FREE DELIVERY ON ALL LIVE FOODS 1KG AND OVER! - We do not usually ship live foods on a Friday - this is to avoid them being packaged up and left short of ventilation or exposed to heat during weekend period.

Live foods will be dispatched separately. Please allow up to 4 working days to arrive, however, most will arrive within 2 days.
How should I store Live Mealworms?
They should keep several weeks when kept in the correct conditions.
Live Mealworms should be stored in a cool, dark, well ventilated space. Prolonged exposure to temperatures below 5 degrees centigrade will kill mealworms, if they are stored at the ideal temperature of 8 – 10 degrees centigrade in adequate food (bran or progrub) they can keep for several months. A lid is not necessary providing the sides of the container is clean to prevent escape. For every 3.5cm in depth of mealworms add 1.5cm of mealworm food. Do not exceed a total depth of 5cm in total as the mealworms may suffocate. Mealworms will also benefit from being given sliced raw potato, banana skins, apple cores and other vegetable peelings, some moist food during hot weather will prolong their life.
Suitable for feeding from: This can be fed from a Specialised Mealworm Feeder, Bird Table or a Ground Feeder Tray
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