Premium Suet Feeder
Jacobi Jayne Premium Suet Feeder
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Premium Suet Feeder

PSF-O : £17.50
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About This Feeder

Looking for a strong feeder? It doesn't get much tougher than this premium suet feeder.
With the ability to holder either suet blocks (2), or suet balls (6), this robust feeder is definitely the go-to option if you have a problem with any pests attacking your feeders, or if you are simply looking for that long term feeder option.
This feeder also comes with a lifetime guarantee - so any squirrel damage will be taken care of (not that they would be able to damage this incredibly sturdy feeder).


5.9" (15cm) width x 8.3" (21cm) height x 3.4" (8.5cm) depth





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