Suet Balls - Classic
Brinvale Suet Balls - Classic
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Suet Balls - Classic

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A combination of suet, insects and seed, these classic suet balls are a great way to provide a high energy treat for your wild garden birds.

During breeding season and throughout the colder months in winter, wild birds are desperately searching for reliable sources of energy. When provided in the garden, these suet balls are precisely what wild birds are looking for when they need an energy boost. The high percentage of suet and insect protein in these suet balls coupled with the inclusion of seeds that many wild birds enjoy, makes our classic suet balls wild bird magnets when natural sources of food are scarce.

When feeding these suet balls on Brinvale Farm we have seen Great Tits, Blue Tits, Great Spotted Woodpeckers and Tree Sparrows tucking in to them.