Suet Pellets - The Complete Feeding Guide

Here at Brinvale as you might imagine we feed all sorts of wildlife on the farm. We are incredibly lucky to be swamped by a range of different animals from badgers, muntjac deer to hedgehogs and of course wild birds! We get a massive variety of birds from goldfinches, blackbirds, blue tits, woodpeckers and many more. We have set up several parts of the farm as dedicated spaces for feeding our wildlife from and can lose hours a day watching the feeders outside the office!

Every day I walk around the farm, with Bracken, and fill up the feeders and thought it would be great to start sharing some of the scenes I experience on a daily basis with you all. I thought I would start by sharing with you the joys that can come by feeding one of my favourite feeds, suet pellets.



The benefits for feeding suet pellets to birds and for us feeders!


The short clip above should go some way to explaining why I think Suet Pellets are an amazing feed for wild birds. Packed with fats they are a great high energy bird food for all year round, but especially now (in winter) and when the little ones start to emerge in the spring. You can feed them on their own or add them to a mix to be enjoyed by all birds that visit your garden. That 30-second video above is typical to the amount and regularity of visitors you can expect to see when feeding pellets like this. Although you can feed them in many more ways.

The benefit of suet pellets to us, as the feeding enthusiasts, is that there are so incredibly versatile. You can feed them from the ground, from a tray, from a seed feeder (like the above which is a big easy seed feeder) or even a peanut feeder. What is so brilliant about this is that you can control which birds you want to feed with them. If you sprinkle a few on the ground you can see that birds such as robins, wrens and blackbirds will get a chance to feed. Add them to your seed or peanut feeder and suddenly the smaller birds get more of a chance, from blue tits to sparrows. It’s this versatility that enables you to see more you to see a larger variety of birds in your garden from one feed!

Above a blue tit is enjoying eating some insect suet pellets. These are being fed from a peanut feeder allowing the smaller birds to eat them. 


If you are new to feeding suet pellets then the offer below may be a great way to start. Sprinkle a few on the ground and see how many new visitors you will get!


The Suet Pellet Offer

With the colder weather now well and truly here we thought it would be a great time to treat our wild birds to more suet. That's why this month you can buy 5kg of our best selling Mixed Suet Pellets for £9.95 (usually £13.75). That's almost £5 off and a 35% saving! The offer will be available to add at the basket once you have spent £20 or more on the rest of your order.


 The Choice


We offer a wide range of suet pellets our best sellers being mixed (a combination of apple, berry and insect), and insect, you can buy all of these separately or as a mix. We have also started selling a mealworm flavour which after testing on the farm has been hugely popular with our local birds so thought it best to start offering these to you to! We also sell mini suet pellets which are a fantastic option for feeding smaller birds or baby fledgelings in the spring.

This article was written by Hilary Wiles. If you have any questions or queries about feeding suet pellets or feeding wild birds in general you can email contact Hilary by email on



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