Why feed sunflower hearts?

Sunflower hearts are the 'go to' seed for anyone new to bird feeding. They fit in all seed feeders and attract a variety of different birds into your garden. They are a powerhouse of essential nutrients. Rich in protein, fats and vitamins. They provide birds with vital energy which is crucial for survival in both winter and breeding season.

Sunflower hearts are the kernels of the sunflower seed. This means that the husk has been removed prior to the birds eating them, this is a key advantage of sunflower hearts as they are easily consumed because of this. Unlike whole sunflower seeds, which require cracking open, sunflower hearts are readily accessible to a wide range of bird species, including smaller birds with less powerful beaks. This accessibility translates to increased feeding efficiency, which allows birds to spend less time processing food and more time foraging for other essential resources, such as nesting materials and other food sources. This ease of consumption also helps reduce the risk of any unwanted pesks such as rats, as there is very little waste. It also means that because of less waste left on the ground the seed is very unlikely to grow unless the weather conditions are absolutely perfect.

These little seeds have a very high calorie to weight ratio which means the birds don’t have to eat as many of these seeds to keep themselves fuelled which is very helpful for them once breeding season comes around and fledglings are born. Once the fledglings have been born, Sunflower Heart Chips would be a great source of food to swap to as they are smaller pieces, making them easier for the fledglings to eat so they don’t choke. The chips still provide the same nutrition as the hearts, just easier and safer for the fledglings to eat. 


Once you have established a range of birds in your garden eating from these little seeds, You can also include some other mixes to give your birds a variety of choice to feed from and a more varied diet.

If you are consistent with feeding sunhearts this can attract a diverse array of bird species to garden feeders. From colourful finches to agile tits and even larger birds like woodpeckers, the lure of sunflower hearts ensures a constant flow of avian visitors. This diversity is not only aesthetically pleasing but also ecologically significant, as it contributes to the complexity and resilience of the local ecosystem.

Take a look at our sunflower hearts prices and bag sizes available here: https://www.brinvale.com/straight-bird-food/sunflower-seeds/

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