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This Ground Bird Feeder Tray is a great choice for anyone who loves to feed wild birds. While many birds visit hanging feeders, some birds prefer to be fed from the ground, making a ground feeder a suitable and safe option.  Feeding from a ground bird feeder as opposed to a lawn or other ground area for example, is beneficial as it allows you to sight the feeder in an area that is safe and away from pests and also helps to protect your grass or garden space.  

With a diameter of 22cm, this Ground Bird Feeder Tray is large enough to accommodate the ground birds that visit your garden and also means that you can provide any kind of feed.

This Ground Bird Feeder Tray is a quality item as it is made from strong micro-mesh, attached securely to a coated metal frame and also features 3 solid metal feet. This makes the feeder secure, practical and long lasting. It also means that it will stand evenly so it can be sited in a variety of places. The mesh design boasts the added benefit that it allows for drainage and also for air to circulate around the bird food, keeping it fresh.

To prevent pests and for added security for your birds, this Ground Bird Feeder Tray can be used in conjunction with the Ground Bird Feeder Cage

Diameter: 22cm (8.6”)

Product code ACC005

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