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Insect Log

Dimensions (these are approx measurements, can vary in size)

4" H

9.5" W

3" D

These logs are the perfect size to hang up in your garden! With lots of little holes and double sided, it gives the insects plenty of space to find a home they want to lay their eggs in. Comes with a rustic hanging rope, so you can hang from branches and add a little feature to your garden. 


Insect Loft

Dimensions (these are approx measurements, can vary in size)

4.5" H

7" W

3.5" D

The Insect Loft creates a lovely home for lady birds, bees and spiders! With mutiple mateials such as long tunnels from two types of wood, it gives the insects plenty to choose from to make their perfect home. This also has a rustic hanging rope, so you are able to hang it where ever you like, making it a stylish addition to your garden.


Insect Block

Dimensions (these are approx measurements, can vary in size)

5.5" H

5.5" W

3.8" D

The Insect Block is a helpful habitat that is great for solitary bees that lay their eggs in tunnels. Watch them come and go on sunny days, building cells for their eggs in the holes using mud and pieces of leaf.


Insect House


22" H

10" W

8" D

This Insect Cabin has is perfect for the beeds which lay their eggs in tunnels. With numerous different sized holes, and the added attraction and smell of the pine cone, this is perfect for your little bees! Place this in a sunny position, preferably south-facing with flowers and a source of wet mud within 600 metres.


Insect Hotel


31" H 

4.5" W

4" D

The Insect Hotel is a great attraction to any garden and makes for a great feature and talking point! With different materials and sizes of holes, this will attract all sorts of insects into your garden and will help them make a home ready for when hibernation comes back around. With a spike to place this feeder into the ground, it can be put anywhere in your garden as long as you have soil. 


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