Peanuts for Birds (Jumbo's)
Brinvale Peanuts for Birds (Jumbo's)
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Peanuts for Birds (Jumbo's)

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One of the most popular and versatile bird food is Peanuts. Peanuts for birds are a great all round feed that boast many great benefits and attract a range of birds, including Blue Tits, Nuthatchers, Long Tailed Tits even Woodpeckers. 

Perhaps the reason that birds love peanuts so much is because of their taste. Good quality peanuts for birds are sweet, plump and soft.  They are also large meaning that they sit comfortable in feeders and allow birds to peck easily as they come and go.  They are nutritious and provide great volumes of energy as they contain large amounts of protein and essential oils.

At Brinvale we pride ourselves in providing the best quality feed, meaning you can shop with confidence and know that our Wild Bird Peanuts are the absolute finest quality. 

Like all great quality bird peanuts, these are jumbo-sized, meaning they are as soft and delicious as they get, plus better value for money. They are also safe for birds as they have been aflotoxin tested and they come in a great range of pack sizes. 

Here at Brinvale Farm our peanuts are eaten by a great spotted Woodpecker and a hole host of long tailed and blue tits!

Which Wild Birds Eat Peanuts?

  • Blue Tits
  • Nuthatchers
  • Long Tailed Tits
  • Woodpeckers
  • Great Tits
  • Siskins
  •  Greenfinches


What Makes Brinvales Peanuts the Best?

  • Aflatoxin Tested
  • Fresh, Soft and Peckable
  • Large and full of essential oil