Safe 4 Ready to use Spray 500ml
Brinvale Safe 4 Ready to use Spray 500ml

Safe 4 Ready to use Spray 500ml

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This safe 4 trigger spray comes ready to use at a dilution of 1:100.
It is safe for use on any wild bird product including feeders, tables and feeding stations, this is because the spray is non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-tainting, non-staining, non-irritant, biodegradable, PH neutral and doesn't contain phenols or aldehydes.
Not only is it safe but it is also very effective against avian flu, e coli, salmonella MRSA and many other bacteria, viruses and fungi.
When using this spray you do not have to worry about sluicing it away with water after application and it can be brought into direct contact with animals safely even when it is still wet.
Safe 4 is also kind to the environment being water based and biodegradable.  
Product code 1TA-RMCT
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