Swallow Nest
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Swallow Nest

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Swallows numbers have seriously declined over recent years, one of the factors being the lack of suitable nesting sites due to modern building structures.  This Swallow Nest is constructed from a concrete cup shape of the recommended size fixed to a wooden back plate for easy fixing, sited in a suitable position will provide the perfect nesting site.

The Swallow Nest needs to be fixed beneath a shelter such as a porch, in an open barn, shed or garage, the top of the nest needs to be approximately 8cm beneath beneath the ceiling.

This wonderful wild bird migrates to the UK usually in April for the breeding season, their first priority is to find a nest site, by putting up a Swallow Nest you will ensure their long journey to the UK in Spring is not a wasted one.




Wooden back plate 22cm x 14cm

Nest internal dimensions 14cm x 9cm x 8.5cm






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