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Taster Pack

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Are you new to feeding wild birds? Do you find yourself asking yourself 'what wild bird food should I buy?' or 'which wild bird food is best?'. Here at Brinvale, we understand that all birds are different and love different things, depending on your garden, location, and many other factors, the birds you want to attract and may attract will be different to others.

In this taster pack, we have included some of our most popular mixes which we have specially formulated here at Brinvale Farm! If you are unsure of what to try and what will work best in your garden, we recommend getting this taster pack to see which works best for you without having lots of bird food going to waste.

This taster pack will qualify for Free Delivery and we will even throw in our monthly free sample as well to try out!

2.5kg All Seasons Mix
2.5kg Supreme Mix
2.5kg Nice n Clean Mix
2.5kg Sunflower Hearts

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