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Anti Pigeon Spacer

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This Anti Pigeon Bird Feeder is a great way to avoid Pigeons landing on your seed feeder tray. Seed trays are a great way to reduce the mess in your garden but they can also make your feeders very accessible for pigeons and large garden birds. This is because they provide an expansive area at the base of your feeders on which larger garden birds can land comfortably and devour all the Wild Bird Food available.

This Pigeon Spacer solves this problem by allowing you to attach a seed tray to the base of your feeder whilst preventing large birds from reaching the feeder’s ports.

The simple design makes it very easy to use, it simply screws into the bottom of any feeder with a 1/2" screw thread hole, then simply attach your tray to be base of the spacer again via the 1/2" thread which is a fairly common size across a wide range of feeders and trays.  Made from tough weatherproof polycarbonate this product will be long-lasting.

Compatible with most bird feeders and trays with a 1/2" thread attachment.

Dimensions: 6cm (2.5”) x 28.5cm (11.25”)


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