Seed Feeder Tray
CJ Wildlife Seed Feeder Tray

Seed Feeder Tray

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This universal seed tray can be used to effectively catch any stray seeds that fall from feeders. Having a seed tray can help to reduce waste and save you time and money whilst also helping you to prevent weed growth and maintain a clean hygienic feeding area.  This seed feeder tray does not deter or distract birds in anyway, it will encourage ground feeding birds such as Chaffinches and Robins to feed from your feeder too, simply attach to the bottom of the feeder and watch the birds come and go as usual.

The tray is made from a strong plastic material and comes with a plastic base screw for attachment. 

Diameter: 8’’ (20cm)

Product code 940600619

This Universal Seed Feeder Tray is compatible with the Apollo Seed Feeder and the Metal Seed Feeder.

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