Ring Pull Feeder Trays
Jacobi Jayne Ring Pull Feeder Trays

Ring Pull Feeder Trays

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These durable Ring Pull seed trays are ideal for keeping your lawn or garden clean and eliminate wasting seed. Attaching a tray to the base of your feeder also allows non-clinging birds to dine in comfort and more birds can perch around the edge increasing your feeding area.

It can be attached to any ring-pull feeder by using a base link and will catch the majority of spillages caused by feeding birds.


This Tray is compatible with:

  • Ring Pull Feeders
  • Ring Pull Pro Feeders
  • Ring Pull Niger Feeders
  • Ring Pull Peanut Feeders
  • Flo Feeders


The tray has several drainage holes which will keep any food caught by the tray drier for longer.



Small - 215mm Diameter

Medium - 265mm Diameter

Large - 350mm Diameter


Product Code:

Small - RPTA

Medium - RPT1

Large - RPT2

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