Black Sunflower Seeds
Brinvale Black Sunflower Seeds
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Black Sunflower Seeds

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Black sunflower seeds for birds are often used as a more economical way of providing the goodness of sunflower hearts.
When providing black sunflower seeds for birds you can often enjoy watching your wild birds removing the husks.

The husks for these seeds are easily opened by many species. A particular favourite of Greenfinches. They can be used as a straight feed or combined with other foods to create a delicious mix.
This seed is suitable for feeding from a feeder or bird table, take caution if feeding them from the ground as you may end up with several sunflowers growing out of your lawn if you're not careful.

Uniquely cleaned to remove debris 

The shells protect the seed from the weather ensuring the seed inside remains fresh

Loved by a variety of Finches

High in essential oils and portein