Brecon Nest Box 32mm
CJ Wildlife Brecon Nest Box 32mm
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Brecon Nest Box 32mm

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Made with 100% wood from well managed forests these nest boxes are eco friendly whilst having a great natural look. This sturdy wooden bird box has also been treated so that the wood will last longer against wind and rain. 

This Nest box is sure to be a favourite of many different bird species that could be looking for a home near you! Including and not limited to coal tits, blue tits, house sparrows and nuthatchs. Although birds generally breed between February and August you are more likely to be successful if you site your nest box earlier on. You can read our guide here with some handy hints and tips for all the how tos on siting your bird box. 

This Bird box has a 32mm Nest Hole making it suitable for various sparrows and tits. 

Opening side door for easy access for cleaning

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