Dried Calci Worms
Brinvale Dried Calci Worms

Dried Calci Worms

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Why feed dried calci-worms?

Dried calci-worms (calcium worms) for birds are a quick and easy way to feed the wildlife. They have an excellent source of protein and especially calcium, which when breeding season comes is important, as chicks rely on nutrients that they can only get from insects.

Calci worms roughly contain 20-40 times more calcium than other dried mealworms which you can find - which make them a great choice (especially during the fledgling season)

If soaked for 10-15 minutes the Calci-worms double in size which is thought to be easier for the fledglings and other birds to eat, and although when the worms are dried they only loose the moisture, so this is a great way to replenish them and get them pulp again.


Suitable for feeding from: This can be fed from a Specialised Mealworm Feeder, Bird Table or a Ground Feeder Tray
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